Overseas & Service Families

Several boaders at Barnardiston Hall, have parents currently serving in HM Forces. They come to us for a variety of reasons, many of them having already moved school several times, following their parents to various new postings, both home and abroad.

The Principal, Colonel Bouler and his wife Gail, have put their own three children through the UK boarding school system whilst serving in the UK and whilst abroad in Hong Kong and Germany. He is therefore, very aware of the special requirements of Service parents who look to a school not only for academic excellence but also for support and continuing care at times when they cannot be with their children.

We aim to be as flexible as possible, particularly for parents who are posted abroad. We offer fully escorted travel to and from airports by members of staff who know the children and we also cover exeat weekends and, where circumstances do not allow children to travel home, during School holidays. In essence, we aim to become a 'home from home' for the children and maintain a close liaison with parents.

The Services also believe that a stable educational background is essential for children and they therefore offer a generous allowance to parents of children aged 8 and above, both day and boarding. At Barnardiston Hall, we make a further allowance to bring fees in line with BSA. This means that parents pay only the minimum Services requirement of 10% of our fee.

Why not look at what the children have to say about boarding and then come and see for yourself. You really have nothing to lose.

"It's great! I had been to six schools before I came here and was always having to make new friends. It's brilliant being in the same place all the time now!" (Simon aged 12)

"My parents don't worry so much about me now because they know I am getting a good education. It's nice not having to keep changing school" (Sarah aged 7)

"I wish I had come here earlier. I have many friends and I get lots of help with my homework in the evening" (Michael aged 9)

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