lang lesson French continues and Latin begins in Form I with lessons reinforced in the Language Laboratory. Children in the A Set continue to learn Latin until the VI Form, whilst children in the B Sets from Form III onwards concentrate fully on French only. There are annual trips to France which have, in the past, included visits to Paris, the Loire Valley, Northern France, Bayeux and Disneyland. Our approach of learning languages from an early age ensures that children are confident and relaxed and we were delighted that one of our 12 year old pupils passed her French GCSE with an A* in June 2012.


We are going on a really exciting 4 day trip to a château in Normandy in March 2013.  The children will be touring a boulangerie and goats cheese farm.  We will visit Bayeux, Pegasus Bridge, the D-Day landing beaches and see a film at the 360° cinema.  There will also be lots of outdoor games and activities, including some raft-building! 


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