ICT is taught both as a separate subject and integrated into the curriculum as a whole across Years 1 to 8. Children are taught the basic skills of word-processing, safe internet searching and research, presentation software, email and spread-sheets. In later years, more extensive projects are undertaken including animation, time-lapse photography, computer-generated images, sound editing, audio CD preparation, website construction and administration, and programming embedded computers in conjunction with CDT topics.

Iit teachert is an aim of the School that every child should leave being able to touch-type at 20 words per minute or more. This is achieved by an intensive, daily training course using on-line software that can be accessed from home for both the initial and refresher training.

There are approximately 100 computers in the School, with one general-purpose computer suite, a language lab and a music workshop. All classrooms are equipped with computers and interactive whiteboards.


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