Class 2

Class 2 is for children aged 4/5 years who attend a minimum of 5 mornings each week. However, many children have already built-up their sessions during Class 1 and will
also be attending some, or all, afternoons. Whatever the case, the term following your child's fifth birthday is the time when they must legally attend full-time education so now is the time to start adding some extra sessions.

Mornings in Class 2 are mostly taken up with academic work and the day is often started with children completing their News Book, drawing pictures and writing a sentence Class 2 1or two about either something exciting they have done or about a toy they have played with. Handwriting is carefully monitored and the Folens Handwriting Scheme is followed. Children continue to follow the Abacus Maths Scheme and are able to work through books at their own pace.

With small class sizes and the help of a Nursery Assistant when appropriate, Class Teachers are able to give their children the one-to-one attention that they need. Pupils are given reading books and their reading is listened to each day.

As in Class 1, a full timetable is followed which continues to develop English and numeracy skills
Class 2 2through the seven areas of learning.  Simple Bible stories with a ‘moral’ are shared to encourage friendship and kindness.  Class 2 has a specialist teacher for sport, (hockey, athletics and fun games), French and music. 

In addition to the many activities taking place, the children are also offered extra-curricular activities
such as Gym Club, Ballet and Short Tennis. 

Each term, children are invited to an ‘Out and About’ and, in the Summer term, this is followed by a sleep-over in the classroom.  After a goodnight story from the Headmaster, children snuggle down in their sleeping bags in the classrooms for a good night’s sleep while the teachers keep watch over them.  In the morning, all children enjoy a hot cooked breakfast in the Dining Hall before returning home for what normally transpires to be a fairly quiet day!





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