With a wide range of resources including full suits of armour, swords, shields and helmets that children can try on, the History Department is a really lively place to be. History is also brought alive by re-enactor displays, (including the Headmaster as a 17th Century musketeer) and by visits to historical sites such as Bosworth battlefield, Warwick Castle, RAF Hendon and some further afield such as Normandy and Pompeii, (in conjunction with the French and Latin Departments).

The topics studied cover a broad range from knights and Florence Nightingale in the Pre-Prep to Romans and Tudors in the Prep School. For Common Entrance, the two year course covers Medieval Realms 1066-1500.

Broadly following the National Curriculum, the study of history is seen as not just a selection of dates, names and sources, but an analysis of real peoples' actions and feelings which can be easily understood using empathy, role play and anecdotal teaching.prep history


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